Mountain Biking


Talk to a dozen International Cruising Yachties about bikes and you'll get a dozen different responses.
Some hate the idea of having them, some simply don't have the room, others have them and don't use them or some have small folding bikes and use them all the time.
We went a different way and dedicated an entire locker in our
V-Berth area to our 2 bikes and related cycling gear.

We have always been keen Mountain Bikers so we really wanted to take bikes with us international cruising.
Ours are high quality bikes with Shimano XT group sets, dual suspension systems using Rock-Shoks and hydraulic disc brakes.
 We have 2 sets of rims for each bike with both off-road/MTB tyres and thinner semi-slicks for on-road use.  However we used the off-road tyres most of the time.
Whilst we did 1000's of kilometers of riding during our adventure, most of the riding was done in The Philippines, The Solomon Islands and Indonesia. 
We also did a lot or riding in New Caledonia, The Kiribatis, Micronesia, Timor Leste and obviously Australia.

These photos were taken in over 8 different countries.

We had our bikes fully rebuilt in The Philippines and upgraded most of the Shimano running gear, hubs, brakes, tyres, computers, hand-grips, etc....
The job was done flawlessly and we estimated around one-fifth of the price it would have cost in Australia.
Lawrence and his family from TYK Bikes in Davao were Awesome!!!

If your going to ride hard and fast, accidents are all part of the fun.
This is a 5 shot sequence of Lisa having a great stack during a fast downhill run.

The photos below were taken at the Fraser Coast MTB Park in SE Queensland in 2017.

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