Kayak Compilation


Below is a photo compilation of the Kayaking we have done  since cruising on board Lorelei.
The photos were taken in over 12 different countries.

While Stand-Up Paddle boards appear to be far more popular now (particularly the Inflatable ones) on Cruising yachts, we found the kayaks excellent on-board as we could Spearfish, Line Fish and Scuba Dive from them, carry more weight (& cameras) and use them as tenders to get to and from the shore when it was too rough (or we couldn't be bothered) to launch the Tenders.
While its nice to have both, if we had a choice of only one type on board an International Cruising Yacht - we think the Kayaks are more versatile and Robust.

A Dugout Canoe we found in the middle of the ocean in The Solomon Islands. 
Paul and his dad George rebuilt it and we kept it on-board for 4 months before giving it away just before we left the country.

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